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Index Tracking & Portfolio Rebalancing engine

You perform the index tracking & portfolio rebalancing of clients’ portfolios and funds regularly outside of SimCorp Dimension. Every time it’s a challenge to include all cash inflows and dividend reinvestments into calculations, as well as apply all replacements rules and spreads for active bets. Besides, you have to prepare the rebalancing trades before stock exchange opening. It keeps your specialists busy on a regular basis.

With our new Index Tracking & Portfolio Rebalancing automatic engine you will benefit from the automatically calculated Buy/Sell nominals results (based on the cash inflows and dividend reinvestments + rebalancing rules) for all your portfolios and funds on time. This solution uses the “high speed” optimized architecture, and will provide you with the rebalancing trade execution results as soon as possible (based on your SimCorp Dimension environment configuration).


Uses the load balancing/parallel execution architecture. Doesn’t require the manual interference: fully automated


Can be rolled out to as many portfolios, indexes & benchmarks as required


Reduces the operational risk of manual rebalancing process