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IRS swap daily pricing engine

You acquire the Interest Rate Swap daily quotes and duration data from data vendors in order to use these valuations in SimCorp Dimension.

We have a new solution for you: our IRS swap daily pricing engine uses the theoretical pricing model, and will provide the in-house daily IRS theoretical prices, durations and key-rate-durations for analytical purposes with a high accuracy, based on OIS valuation approach.

Get a full control over the theoretical in-house IRS valuation, and consequently a possibility to use it for own interest rate and LDI hedge strategies


Doesn’t require manual interference. Fully automated


  • no need to acquire IRS market data from data vendors anymore
  • in-house valuated prices, durations and exposure values can be used for construction of own interest rate and credit spread risk hedge strategies


Pricing model is based on the up-to-date market data of underlying components