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LDI hedging engine: KRD, DV01
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Swaption (OTC) daily pricing engine
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New SimCorp Dimension task/project

You are looking for a strong SimCorp Dimension expertise support in order to construct solutions & innovations to develop your business strategy further. In the same time, the solutions or functionality, you require, are not in product line yet.

Our New SimCorp Dimension task/project service will provide you with highly skilled specialists, who will ensure that the requested innovations/tasks are solved & implemented in the optimal way.


Our designers will analyze and choose the best solution architecture for you to ensure a high execution speed


Our experts will ensure that solution is scalable in order to meet your business requirements once the volume of data or a number of customers increases in the future


Years of our expertise in SimCorp Dimension will provide your development team with unprecedented advantage in designing innovative solutions for your business strategy